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Colour it up

LycoRed’s line of carotenoid colours stands up to label-reading consumers and offers visual appeal

Orange, N.J. – LycoRed is promoting its line of carotenoid colours: natural, vegan, and non-GMO red, yellow and orange pigments.

The company says the colours are vivid and stable and can stand up to wide variances in pH, heat, and light exposure. The tomato-derived red is also stable in the presence of Vitamin C.

The entire line is ideal for beverages, foods, desserts, confections, meats, and much more.
The carotenoid colours known as Tomat-O-Red and Lyc-O-Beta are high-performing compared to synthetic, animal-sourced and low-performing naturals.

Tomat-O-Red is derived from vine-ripened tomatoes, and Lyc-O-Beta yellow and orange shades are extracted from Blakeslea trispora beta-carotene.



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