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Bronkhorst EL Press Digital Pressure Meter/Controller

October 22, 2018   by Food in Canada staff


Hoskin Scientific introduces the EL-PRESS series digital electronic pressure transducers and controllers for gases and liquids.  They have a well-proven compact thru-flow design, and include a diaphragm-type piezo-resistive pressure sensor for pressure measurement/control from:

  • lowest ranges two to 100 mbar absolute, gauge or differential
    up to highest ranges eight to 400 bar absolute / gauge or 0,3 … 15 bar dif.

The control valve design distinguishes itself from competitive designs in its truly modular construction and it can be field replaced or changed by the user without any adjustment. The standard valve is normally closed and is available up to Kv-values of 6.0. Normally opened valves can also be supplied.


  • Thru-flow design
  • Compact arrangement
  • Stable control, even at varying process volumes
  • High pressure capability up to 400 bar
  • Metal sealed and/or down-ported versions available
  • High accuracy and repeatability

For sales information, contact:

Burlington, Ont. –

Burnaby, B.C. –

Montreal, Quebec –


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