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X-ray it!

New X-ray inspection systems from Eriez use advanced linear array technology

Erie, Pa. – Eriez just introduced a line of improved E-Z Tec X-Ray Inspection Systems.

The models include: E-Z Tec XR-Bulk for bulk flow applications; E-Z Tec XR-Pack for packaging lines; E-Z Tec XR-SS (side shoot) for upright packages and containers; and E-Z Tec XR-Clean for meat, poultry and sanitary applications.

The models use advanced linear array technology, are easy to clean, reduce the number of false rejects and offer XR-Image Processing.

Other features include:

• E-Z Tec XR-Bulk – can inspect virtually any continuous product stream
• E-Z Tec XR-Pack – offers foreign object detection, missing items, seal integrity, weight, count and presence or absence of items

• E-Z Tec XR-SS (side shoot) – is designed for upright, non-glass containers and can inspect foreign objects and fill level

• E-Z Tec XR-Clean – is suited for high-pressure washdown

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