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Tags help stop food fraud

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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TruTag Technologies offers sensors that can offer food manufacturers more security against food tampering

Honolulu, Hawaii – TruTag Technologies Inc. offers a technology that can help food manufacturers avoid food fraud.

The company makes microtags or tiny sensors that are made with inert silica, also known as silicon dioxide (SiO2).

The material is already “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is afforded similar treatment in Europe.

The sensors can be added in trace amounts to foods, in food coatings, in oils or liquids, on the inside or outside of packaging or on food labels.


Then each product or lot/batch can be separately coded with a unique identification.

The field readability then allows inspectors to confirm provenance and genealogy of a product without sending it to a lab.

TruTag also says no changes to a company’s manufacturing equipment is required and only minimal changes might be needed to manufacturing SOP.

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