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BioDetect & BioDestroy win CTAQ food safety award

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SAni Marc’s BioDetect and BioDestroy products complement each other in an effort to keep surfaces free from organic contaminants

A new technology that can detect and destroy biofilms on surfaces in food processing plants has been selected as the 2016 Award Winner for Productivity and Technology Advancement by CTAQ, the food processing council in Quebec.

Every year, CTAQ recognizes industry efforts to develop and/or launch projects that meet the criteria for innovation in advancing food safety, and this year’s award was given to Victoriaville, Que.-based Sani Marc Food & Beverage Division for BioDetect and BioDestroy.

The BioDetect and BioDestroy products complement each other in the effort to keep surfaces free from organic contaminants. According to a Sani Marc press release, by adding these technologies to their sanitation program, food processors can prevent biofilm formation and avoid the unwanted costs and inconveniences of shock treatments.

“Biofilms are a serious hazard in food establishments and lead to numerous product recalls each year,” says Patrick Marchand, chemist and Innovation & Development Director at Sani Marc Group. “BioDetect and BioDestroy are a powerful duo that allows customers to detect and destroy biofilms early on, thereby improving the safety of facilities and the products they manufacture.”


How do these technologies work? BioDetect is a quality assurance tool that confirms the presence or absence of biofilms on surfaces. When included in quality assurance inspection procedures, it allows users to establish acceptable cleaning levels and validate their cleaning operations. This tool can be used daily, according to Sani Marc, and is complementary to ATP testing (ATP testing verifies cleanliness, whereas BioDetect detects biofilms). BioDestroy is a foaming sanitizer that can destroy biofilms on contact.

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