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Cargill plans leading-edge upgrades to its Guelph, Ont. plant

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Cargill Inc. is upgrading its plant in Guelph, Ont., with a new and leading-edge process, which will help decrease environmental waste and maintain 1,600 jobs

Guelph, Ont. – Cargill Inc. has announced it will spend $3.5 million to expand and upgrade its beef facility in Southern Ontario.

The facility processes 1,500 head of cattle each day.

Ontario’s ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is investing $582,000 to help Cargill with its new leading-edge, value-added protein process, which will convert raw by-product into a protein-rich animal feed ingredient.

The company says the new process will help ensure that a high level of nutrients, including proteins found in raw by-products, will create protein-rich, nutritious feed for livestock, poultry and other animals to supplement their diets.


Local production of this feed will enable Cargill to reduce its outsourcing, making the company more efficient. The new manufacturing capability will also allow the company to decrease its environmental waste.

Cargill operates 10 diverse agri-food businesses across the province and employs approximately 3,200. The plant in Guelph employs 1,600.

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