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Food company creates out-of-this-world stunt

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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Marinade maker Soy Vay of Tennessee launches marinated raw chicken into space where it cooks up and then returns safely to earth

Nashville, Tenn. – A maker of preservative-free, kosher marinades decided to experiment a little with its marinades and a chicken breast.

Soy Vay launched a chicken breast, marinated in the company’s Soy Vay Very Veri Teriyaki sauce, 104,572 feet and had it slow-cook in space. It returned to earth on Oct. 12 at 12:07 p.m. Central Time.

The “mission” was made possible with the help of a team of physicists and real rocket scientists who partnered with Soy Vay to design the A Pollo ’13 capsule and hone its space cooker technology.

The capsule was made of polystyrene foam and sculpted to resemble a bottle of Soy Vay. It was also developed to insulate the cooking process form the sub-zero temperatures of the upper atmosphere.


Inside, one-pound of organic, free-range chicken breast marinated in the sauce was vacuum-sealed in plastic and suspended in a water bath.

A chemical reaction initiated just prior to the 10:08 a.m. Central Time launch heated the water surrounding the chicken, which slowly cooked the meat to 155˚ F over the course of the almost two-hour voyage.

A weather balloon carried the capsule into the stratosphere. When the balloon burst, due to the lowered atmospheric pressure, a parachute opened, slowing the capsule’s return to earth.

Once it landed, a Soy Vay team, or chicken chasers, located the capsule and sampled the chicken.

Of course the team found it to be “undeniably delicious.”

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