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Enzyme saves your dough from stickiness

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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When working with whole-wheat dough, DuPont Danisco’s POWERBake 9500 offers industrial bakers improved bread crumb softness and better bread shape

Paris, France – DuPont Danisco says it has an antidote to excessively sticky wheat-mix dough and limited proofing stability.

The product is POWERBake 9500, which can help industrial bakers to a smoother process.

The companies say POWERBake 9500 works because of its mix of a special cellulase blend and hexose oxidase.

The cellulase modifies the water absorption properties of rye and whole-wheat flour, making dough less likely to clog up the line and stop production.


And the hexose oxidase makes the dough more tolerant of variations in proofing time. So if a breakdown should occur, bakers have more time for repairs, with less risk of wasting an entire batch due to the collapse of an over-proofed dough.

The combined action of the enzymes in POWERBake 9500 has the additional benefit of improved crumb softness and a better bread shape.

For bakers who simply require a solution for dough stickiness reduction, DuPont offers POWERBake 9000, which contains the cellulase blend alone.  This also provides a crumb-softening benefit.

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