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Chile and Quebec firm sign agreement

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Chile’s government selects Quebec firm to help the country improve its food traceability

Longueuil, Que. – The Chilean government has selected a Quebec firm for its expertise in food traceability.

Agri-Traçabilité International (ATI), a branch of Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ), officially signed the agreement this week in Santiago, Chile.

ATI says the agreement comes after years of trying to position itself as a leader in animal traceability.

Meeting export requirements

In recent years, livestock production around the world has been shaken by crisis. For countries that export foodstuff it’s a serious issue.

The agri-food industries in Quebec and Chile have similar regulations regarding livestock production. But Chile faces many challenges concerning food safety and security. The most significant is the requirement to conform to traceability standards required by certain countries for imported products.

Chile’s current traceability system does not completely meet the criteria, which is why the country has sought out ATI’s expertise.

Mission in Chile

ATI is in Chile right now as part of a Quebec delegation made up of ATI representatives and business partners Référence Systèmes and Epsilia – companies that also work in the traceability sector.

ATQ is a stand-alone non-profit organization created in 2001. It’s responsible for the development and implementation of a permanent identification and traceability system for Quebec agricultural products, both animal and vegetable.

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