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Maison Riviera launches keto-friendly Greek yogurt

By Nithya Caleb   

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Canadian brand Maison Riviera is well known for its fine cheeses, vegan products and Greek yogurts. With a constant desire to stay avant-garde in the dairy industry, Maison Riviera is expanding its line of lactose-free Greek yogurts with a new Good for Keto Greek Yogurt product line. Food in Canada’s editor, Nithya Caleb, spoke to Jennyca Perrot, brand manager for Maison Riviera, about the new product line.

Why did Maison decide to create a keto-friendly Greek yogurt line?
These last few years, Canadian consumers have been increasingly interested in buying healthy products, as well as being on the lookout for foods that will support their personal health. In Canada, the keto diet is booming. It consists of a high-fat and low carbohydrate intake, focusing on good fats.

We decided to innovate in the Canadian market by creating a Greek yogurt that is sure to please the keto diet enthusiasts as well as those looking for a healthy lifestyle. With nine per cent milk fat, this new range offers all the subtlety of an unctuous Greek yogurt: deliciously extra-creamy, high in proteins (17 g for the plain flavour and 15 g for others), yet low in carbohydrates (2 g for the plain flavour, and 7 g for others). Further, this lactose-free recipe is made of natural ingredients, rich in probiotics, and certified Kosher. These keto-friendly Greek yogurts are offered in a 500-g format and come in three flavours : plain, strawberry and coconut.

How long did it take to move the product from concept to store shelves?
Each Maison Riviera creation is the result of several months of teamwork in research and development.


Where is this yogurt processed?
We produced and processed locally in Sorel-Tracy, Que. Seeking to encourage sustainable and healthy agriculture, for example, we guarantee that the milk in our yogurt is supplied by Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ).

What can you tell us about the processing method used for this product?
Each stage of the process is dependent on the passion and complementary knowledge of our people, all united in the aim of producing the best possible Maison Riviera products. However, the methods carefully chosen by the men of Maison Riviera are part of our manufacturing secrets. But as you know, with us, the emphasis is on freshness, quality and innovation.

What other innovative products are Maison working on?
In addition to the Greek keto, we launched a few other products in September, such as Maison Riviera’s plant-based coconut milk Kefir drink in a new 220-ml package.

The less-sugar yogurts collection has expanded with the three flavours of blueberry and acai, raspberry and matcha, as well as peach, pomegranate and sea buckthorn. These are available in a 750-g format. In the small Petit Pot format, we will be introducing new gourmet flavours such as vanilla chai and chocolate hazelnut.

Three new blends join our collection of fine cheeses made from 100 per cent Canadian milk including Emmental, Pizza and Gratin. The grated Emmental and Gratin blend come in 170-g formats while the Pizza blend is offered in a 360-g format.

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