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Summer Fresh insists on only using sustainably sourced Canadian chickpeas

By Nithya Caleb   

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Summer Fresh works solely with Canadian chickpea growers who use sustainable farming methods as well as industry associations like Pulse Canada, the national association representing growers, traders and processors of Canadian legumes. I asked Susan Niczowski, founder and president of Summer Fresh, why the company only works with select farmers. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Why does Summer Fresh only work with Canadian chickpea farmers?

SN: Since Summer Fresh’s inception 30 years ago, we have always been committed to creating recipes made with real ingredients and no added preservatives. We understand the importance of providing consumers with plant-based proteins and the goodness of whole grains.

All of this starts with where we source our raw ingredients from. We can always rely on Canadian chickpeas farmers, as they ensure crops are grown with sustainable production practices and to the highest standards, ensuring the best quality product.


Susan Niczowski

What is Summer Fresh’s commitment to sustainability?

SN: Summer Fresh products are crafted in a 140,000-sf manufacturing and distribution facility in Woodbridge, Ont. Our production facility is both Kosher and organically certified and is equipped with the most modern environmental control systems and equipment available in the food manufacturing industry.

With our dedicated chef-led research and development team and over 2,000 product formulations in our library, we take pride in translating ever-evolving global food trends into delicious and sustainable offerings for our customers.

The pulses we source are farmed with sustainable farming practices and guarantee a low carbon footprint.

Please briefly explain what sustainable practices Canadian farmers use?

SN: Canadian farmers use modern agricultural practices to build on inherent sustainable properties of chickpeas. When included in a diverse crop rotation, chickpeas contribute to a sustainable cropping system by improving soil health, water use efficiency and a low carbon footprint. They also ensure a stable supply of pulses across the country, which has, in turn, promoted Canada as one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of legumes.

How beneficial has this policy been for Summer Fresh?

SN: We’re happy to work with Canadian chickpea growers who, thanks to their practices, give us constant reassurance that the pulses we’re using to create our small-batch hummus, dips and salads are not only guaranteed to be produced in the most sustainable way, but are also of the highest quality. We also work with associations like Pulse Canada to ensure we have access to latest information on the health and nutritional benefits of pulses. We have a steadfast commitment to our customers to consistently provide simple and delicious foods inspired by nutritious, on-trend ingredients, and working with groups like Pulse Canada allows us to deliver on that commitment.

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