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Yeast can help prevent acrylamide

Functional Technologies’ acrylamide-preventing yeast has attracted interest from different segments of the food industry

Vancouver – Functional Technologies Corp. has entered into new testing and development agreements for its acrylamide-preventing Acryleast yeasts.

The company says testing of its acrylamide-preventing yeasts in baking bread have shown acrylamide reductions of 90 per cent with no discernible differences in quality and taste in the baked bread and no changes in the baking process.

The company’s AP-preventing yeasts have already been well received in the baking and other food industries, with a collaboration partnership signed in early 2011 with an undisclosed leading multi-national corporation and ongoing partnership and testing discussions with companies in a variety of food-related sectors.

This expanding interest extends across different segments in the food industry and communities, from upstream food suppliers as well as end-user food producers that represent top tier, national and multinational food ingredient and producer companies in North America and Europe, says the company.

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