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New Xanthan gum from TIC Gums can disperse more thoroughly

April 15, 2012  
by Food in Canada staff

Facilities Maintenance

White Marsh, MD. – TIC Gums now offers the FASTir Xanthan EC gum.

FASTir can disperse and hydrate more thoroughly than other Xanthan gums, says the company. And it can blend and dissolve in three minutes – compared to other traditional Xanthan that can take 20 minutes.

FASTir will also go into solution easily compared to others that have to be removed from production lines, using screens to sift un-dissolved clumps of Xanthan gum out of process flows.

Also, FASTir doesn’t require any pre-hydration or the preparation of oil-based slurry – it can be added directly to batches of food products.



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