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Ingredient line offers benefits

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A new line from TIC Gums allows for sugar-free binding and fixing of food ingredients

White Marsh, Md. – TIC Gums Inc. has introduced a line of ingredients that allow for sugar-free binding and fixing of food ingredients.

The company’s Add-Here line up includes Add-Here 3200, which is a blend of hydrocolloids developed for

Gums and gums systems can be used to replace the viscosity and stabilization that very closely mimics full sugar in visual uniformity, mouth coating, palate clearing and overall appeal in this or other low or no sugar products. (PRNewsFoto/TIC Gums)

crunchy baked granola bars and reduced sugar crunchy baked granola bars.

When used in binding syrups, the company says Add-Here 3200 can improve binding of particles through its film forming properties.


Typical usage levels range from five to 20 per cent of binding syrup, depending on the level of sugar reduction.

There’s also Add-Here CSA, which is specifically for sticking and maintaining inclusions like seeds to bagels or salt and spices to crackers, chips or other snack products.

Add-Here is a proprietary blend of gums, is cold-water soluble with a viscosity that’s low enough to be spray-able.

The company says with its binding and film forming characteristics, it can hold more salt, spices, seeds or other inclusions without the addition of sugar, honey, egg wash or high fructose corn syrup.

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