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Slice it up

Urschel’s new E TranSlicer Cutter can produce precision slices

March 21, 2011  
by Food in Canada staff

Facilities Maintenance

The new E TranSlicer Cutter is the latest in the TranSlicer series from Urschel Laboratories Inc.

The E TranSlicer uses the same 20″ wheel and delivers the same types of cuts as its predecessor, the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter. The machine also accepts the same size infeed of four-inch (102 mm) diameter firm products, and more compressible products up to six inches (152 mm) diameter.

The company says the E TranSlicer has a newly designed cutting wheel mount/holder assembly that simplifies cutting wheel changeovers. Hinged/sliding access panels can also offer access to all key areas of the machine. To further ease washdowns, surfaces are sloped. Its design ensures that all mechanical components are separated from the food zone.



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