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Process Expo 2011 Review!

By Food in Canada staff   

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The 2011 Process Expo trade show is over and Food in Canada has a roundup of some of the great stuff you missed

Chicago, Ill. – Process Expo – the global food equipment and technology show – took place Nov. 1-4.  The 2011 show had double the show floor space than the last show and achieved a record-breaking attendance. The show featured an expanded educational program, and mobile resources such as the Process Expo mobile app.

If you missed the show, here’s a review of some of the innovations that were there. The next Process Expo is scheduled for Oct. 14-17, 2013 in Chicago. Look for more coverage of the show in Food in Canada’s November/December issue.

Natural casing system

Handtmann unveiled its Natural Casing Automation System, which features the seamless integration of high intensity Robomotion Vision and robotic orientation and loading functions with Handmann’s precise VF stuffer and high-speed PVLS 125 revolving head/paired nozzle linker.
Tel: (519) 725-3666/(847) 808-1100.

Forming device

Verbufa showcased the MFD COEX Multi Forming Device, a newly developed auxiliary unit designed to be directly attached to the outlet of two Handtmann Vacuum Filling machines with PCD 3 control.
The MFD COEX includes two Multi Valve Depositing units and special cutting device for accurate controlled depositing.
The servo-driven cutting unit is manufactured with an interchangeable and patented forming-set for high-volume production of a variety of circular or square-shape, double-filled products such as meatballs or croquettes.
Tel: +31(0)33 455 43 33.

Tel: (519) 725-3666/(847) 808-1100.

Product inspection
Eagle Product Inspection highlighted its Eagle RMI 720 Pro X-ray Inspection System. The company’s products are distributed in Canada by Plan Automation.
The Eagle Pro series provides graphical interfaces and improved containment detection.
The RMI 720 is designed for contaminant detection of products run in harsh environments. The system provides 533 mm of detection coverage at the belt and is capable of speeds of up to 37 metres per minute.
All Eagle systems are network capable, AMI sanitary and IP69K rated to suit most processing or packaging environments.
Plan Automation. Tel: (416) 479-0777.


Seal and clip
Poly-clip System Corp. displayed its TSCA 65/120/160 Automatic Sealing/Clipping Machine.
The TSCA processes flat film from a roll into a ready to fill tube that is securely closed by the integral clipping unit.
The company says all commonly used films, coated and uncoated, as well as laminates up to 160 mm in caliber can be processed.
The systems offer tight sealing of film and secure clip closure, central Easy Touch display, smooth running at high speeds, space-saving design, and stainless steel construction that ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.
The TSCA also offers smooth surfaces and easily accessible clip head for easy cleaning and maintenance, product specific speed control, and short, clean sausage tails due to voiding separator.
Poly-clip System Corp. Tel: (847) 949-2800.

Cutting machine
Urschel Laboratories Incorporated highlighted its patented newly designed Urschel Model M6.
Urschel products are distributed in Canada by Chisholm Machinery Sales Ltd.
The unit is a versatile, two-dimensional cutting machine designed for dicing, strip cutting or shredding a variety of products though a wide range of sizes.
The company says it’s suited for cutting frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled, or hot cooked beef, poultry or pork.
The machine operates continuously at high production capacities and is designed for easy clean up and maintenance.
Other features include hinged access panels that promote sanitation and easy maintenance, integrated electrical enclosure, wide range of dice sizes, and special feed discs or blunt crosscut knives offer shred configurations.
Chisholm Machinery Sales. Tel: (905) 356-1119.

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