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Put a lid or a cap on it

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

Facilities Maintenance

Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a variety of contact parts that can fit most brands of capping and lidding equipment

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vi-Cas Manufacturing produces Tightening Discs, Gripper Rubbers, Quills, Quill Discs, and other contact parts to fit many  brands of capping and lidding equipment.

Long wearing polyurethane applies consistent torque to eliminate scuffing or burning of caps while other materials are available to suit virtually any application.

The company says standard designs are available for many types and sizes of equipment used to apply lug or screw caps, shaker tops, fitments, child-proof closures, over caps, double snap caps, trigger sprayers, large-size caps and more.

Fit-in replacement parts are readily available for chuck or in-line capping equipment including Haskin Strand, National Instruments, Pneumatic Scale, Resina, and Swan-matic as well as other equipment used to apply caps to plastic or glass bottles, jars or containers.


Vi-Cas says it can produce any style or design from supplied drawings or reverse-engineer the product from supplied samples.

Vi-Cas also offers vacuum cups in various shapes, sizes and materials, which provide short or long manufacturing runs, with short turnaround times.

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