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A new continuous motion machine removes glass bottles at a rate of 70 cases per minute

Standard-Knapp, a manufacturer of packaging machinery, introduces the PikMore Uncaser, a continuous motion machine.

The company says the PikMore works in reverse to remove empty glass bottles from their cases at a rate of 70 cases per minute.

While the PakMore’s gripper heads pick up bottles and safely lower them into the cases, the Uncaser’s gripper heads revolve around a centre carousel to lift the empty glass bottles from their cases. Designed to maximize efficiency while also minimizing bottle damage, the PikMore gently places the bottles on the conveyer as they leave the machine.

Equipped with Standard-Knapp’s graphic Operator Interface Screen, the PikMore is designed to run largely operator free. And almost the entire machine is programmed for auto lubrication. In addition, the PikMore is free of servo motors.

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