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Dorner adds to its DustPruf family of conveyors

Hartland, Wis. – Dorner Manufacturing’s new 2300 and 5300 Series conveyors, part of the DustPruf family of conveyors, offer automation, flexibility and performance, plus SmartSlot technology designed into the frame.

SmartSlot provides integration and add-on capabilities of a T-slot without the inherent drawbacks of slots that collect contaminants or debris.

The DustPruf 2300 and 5300 Series are dust proof, thanks to a streamlined frame design that virtually eliminates all catch points where particulates or debris can collect.

The DustPruf Series also operates with a low-friction coating on the bedplate that can reduce the friction between the bedplate and conveyor belt. This enables the motor to run 20 per cent more efficiently – which lowers energy consumption.


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