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BPA crackdown in China

By PIC staff   

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Chinese government says BPA should not be allowed in baby products

BEIJING—China is the latest country to ban the controversial substance Bisphenol A (BPA), according to international media reports.

The Chinese government said there are health risks associated with polycarbonate (PC) bottles that if heated, could release BPA.

The ministry has drafted a regulation, which has been posted on its website for comment.

The regulation bans BPA from any item to contain food or drink for children. It does not say when the draft will come into force.


Other regions such as the European Union and the United Arab Emirates have imposed similar restrictions on the substance.

The U.S. hasn’t banned BPA, but it has expressed concern.

Last year, Canada became the first country to deem the substance toxic. Most recently, Health Canada announced it would look at minimizing, but not necessarily regulating, BPA exposure through baby formulas and similar food can linings.

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