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Thirst-quenching enjoyment

July 25, 2016  
Food in Canada

Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale -CPA--Old Tomorrow Launches First Ontario Craft ShandyOld Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy is Ontario’s first craft shandy, carrying on the tradition of the shandygaff, the British drink that originated in the 1850s as a blend of beer and ginger ale. At only three per cent alcohol, Old Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy is a new easy-drinking style of beer cocktail that delivers satisfying thirst-quenching enjoyment. Old Tomorrow blended its beer with the original 1873 recipe for Muskoka Dry Pale Ginger Ale, packed with botanical extracts, and then added natural honey and lemon flavours. The result is a light and refreshing ginger flavour.


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