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Sparkling teas

August 3, 2017  
Food in Canada

black tea

SunRype has introduced a line of SunRype Real Brewed Sparkling Teas.

In a statement, the company says the lineup of teas is made with real brewed tea, natural flavours, real cane sugar and is lightly sparkling.

The new teas will come in sleek 355-mL tall cans. The graphic design is a simple retro SunRype logo “that is a nod to the company’s history, with relevant on-trend feel.”

SunRype Real Brewed Sparkling Teas can be found in refreshment beverage sections of grocery stores across Western Canada.


The four flavours are: Twist of Lemon Black Tea, Mango Peach Black Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea and Raspberry Rooibos Tea.



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