Food In Canada

Lactose-free butter

November 16, 2016  
Food in Canada


Agropur’s Natrel brand has launched two new specialty butters: an organic butter, and Canada’s first lactose-free butter. natrel_lactose-free-butter_4-99 According to Agropur Cooperative, the latter butter was developed to offer an appetizing option for the seven million lactose intolerant consumers in Canada. Both products are made with natural, high-quality ingredients and sea salt, and offer a creamy texture and rich, authentic buttery flavour. Nothing beats real butter! Lactose-free butter is available in a 250-g format, and retails for $4.99 in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces; organic butter, also available in a 250-g format, retails for $5.79 in Quebec and Ontario. www.natrel.canatrel_organic-butter_5-79


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