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Keurig brews up plastic, aluminum-free coffee pods

March 14, 2024  
by Food in Canada Staff

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Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper introduces a multi-year innovation agenda for its Keurig single serve brewing system, including a reimagined coffee system and a portfolio of new products and technologies.

The foundation of the company’s future vision is K-Rounds plastic-free pods. The pods are created from roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a proprietary, protective plant-based coating preserving the coffee’s flavour and aroma, eliminating the need for plastic or aluminum.

K-Rounds plastic-free pods will work in the new Keurig Alta brewer. The company will begin beta testing the Alta brewer in fall 2024.

The development of the Keurig Alta brewer and K-Rounds plastic-free pods is the result of a multi-year innovation project which incorporates significant intellectual property in beverage, pod, appliance and manufacturing design and processes. As part of this intellectual property portfolio, KDP has acquired a perpetual license to know-how and technology invented by Delica Switzerland for their CoffeeB system in Europe, including a proprietary plant-based coating and application processes. KDP’s partnership with Delica grants Keurig exclusive rights to use and build upon these technologies for consumers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.



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