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Feds invest in pork processing facility

Maple Leaf Inc. receives a repayable grant from the federal government to upgrade its pork operation in Manitoba

Brandon, Man. – The federal government has announced an investment of more than $4.5 million in a Maple Leaf Inc. pork processing facility.

Maple Leaf will use the repayable grant to upgrade the site, which will mean pork producers will have increased access to a local facility.

Vic Toews, the minister of Public Safety and regional minister for Manitoba, says the investment will also help to create jobs and growth in the province.

“Upgrades to [Maple Leaf’s] Manitoba facilities will help Maple Leaf boost productivity and production capacity to fill new market opportunities, which in turn will increase the demand for producers’ high-quality swine,” he says.

The investment will help Maple Leaf purchase and install new line processing, heat recovery, and packaging equipment, as well as new value-added production lines. These additions will improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenues through the adoption of value-added activities.

Maple Leaf Foods’ total employment in Manitoba will soon grow to approximately 4,000.

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