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Most Canadians familiar with cannabis beverages – and a quarter might give them as a gift this holiday season

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A new study from Truss Beverage Co. shows that heading into the holiday season consideration of cannabis beverages is at an all time high, with 87 per cent of legal-age Canadians now familiar with the format. Gifting is high on the agenda this holiday with 26 per cent of adults considering giving cannabis beverages to family or friends, and nearly one fifth intend to purchase the beverages for themselves.

For Canadians of legal age starting to explore cannabis beverages this season, Truss advises that everyone start low and sip slow, as everyone’s relationship with cannabis is personal.

Truss Beverage Co., a joint venture between Molson Coors Canada and HEXO Corp., has developed one of the widest portfolios of cannabis beverages available in Canada today, focusing on great taste, consistency and choice for consumers of legal age. Entering the holidays, a time traditionally synonymous with celebratory food and beverages, there’s never been a better time for Canadians of legal age to welcome cannabis beverages into their holiday lineup.

“Since day one our priority has been the consumer and their experience, and that’s not gone unnoticed by Canadians,” said Scott Cooper, President and CEO, Truss Beverage Co. “It’s been only three months since we launched, and in the past four weeks we’ve achieved a 34 per cent market share nationally2, with more products rolling into the market until the end of the year. Now we’re seeing that Canadians of legal age are ready to shake up their holiday season and embrace cannabis infused beverages. All indicators are that this is a trend that will continue to grow.”


This holiday season will be different from previous years, with gatherings and celebrations expected to be more intimate affairs, and Canadians are looking to embrace the shift by integrating new rituals into their holiday routines. Data from Truss’ study of Canadians of legal age shows:

23% of respondents plan to make cannabis a bigger part of their holiday celebrations this season1; of those
36% plan on trying new formats of cannabis;
20% will consume less alcohol.
19% intend to purchase cannabis beverages for themselves during the holidays.
21% of those surveyed currently consume cannabis beverages.

“2021 will be an exciting year for cannabis beverages,” said Cooper. “As the cannabis industry continues to evolve across North America, we’re going to see both consumer demand and market offerings increase. We believe we’re at the forefront of something remarkable, changing what adult beverages mean to Canadians. Committing to continued innovation and a robust pipeline will be essential to remain ahead.”

Since the legalization of cannabis 2.0 products last year, cannabis beverages have become a welcome option for consumers, for offering both consistency and an alternative way to consume cannabis. 35 per cent of legal age Canadians who consume cannabis beverages do so because it means they don’t have to smoke1.

Proudly made in Belleville, Ontario, each Truss Beverage product has been crafted to ensure a more consistent and enjoyable experience for the consumer. All CBD and THC beverages within the portfolio offer a controlled dosage, with most products having a low to medium dose of THC (2.5mg- 5mg):

Little Victory: Vibrant, naturally flavoured sparkling beverages to celebrate the season’s little victories.
House of Terpenes: A range of sparkling tonics with botanically sourced terpenes that pair well with a festive dinner among friends.
Mollo: Crisp, with an easy drinking taste, for those moments on the couch, watching a holiday movie or game.
Veryvell: A complete line-up of products for when you have a holiday moment to yourself.
XMG: Bold beverages with high intensity flavour to enjoy on your own terms.


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