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Califia Farms takes major step towards a circular economy with 100 per cent rPET bottles

By Food in Canada Staff   

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Califia Farms is transitioning all of its bottles in the U.S. and Canada to 100 per cent recycled plastic (rPET). This will help reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 19 per cent and cut its energy use in half.

“This transition to 100 per cent rPET represents a significant commitment to soften Califia’s environmental footprint,” said Dave Ritterbush, CEO at Califia Farms. “While Califia is an inherently sustainable business thanks to the plant-based products we produce, we recognize the importance of ongoing, forward progress in our sustainability journey. By moving to 100 per cent rPET for our iconic curvy bottle, we’re taking a major step in reducing our reliance on virgin plastic and advancing the principles of a circular economy.”

Califia Farms clarifies that the plastic cap and sleeve don’t use 100 per cent rPET materials.

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