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The Handtmann Inotec universal processor with all-in-one batch cooking technology delivers complete, precise processing for a variety of products, including jams, spreads, meat or fish pastes, cheeses, smoothies, sauces, baby foods and more - in one complete and self-contained solution.

Perfectly Blended Control of Batch Cooking Processes

From liquid to pasty and solid or chunky products, the horizontally arranged modular 1 to 4-stage cutting system continuously readjusts during operation to handle liquid, pasty, hard and chunky components with excellent precision and equal ease. It can grind product during or after the cooking/cooling process for emulsified or homogenised products that need to be ready for downstream processes.

All-In-One Batch Processors: Universal Efficiency with and without Vacuum

Handtmann Inotec Universal Processing Units deliver efficient all-in-one processing with simultaneous pre-grinding, mixing, cooking, cooling, ultra-fine grinding, emulsifying and pumping that creates very efficient processes for an entire range of products from liquid to pasty to solid or chunky with customized textures that can be cooked up to 210°F and pumped or dosed into packaging solutions.

Emulsifiers: Designed for Product Consistency and Cutting Set Longevity

Smart emulsifying by Handtmann Inotec addresses next generation needs with a variety of innovations, including self-adjusting radial cutting sets that maintain consistency, reduce wear and increase cutting set life – all with the support of responsive Handtmann service. Handtmann Inotec cutting sets only engage after product has entered and continuously self-adjust during operation to maintain consistently precise cuts and extend cutting set life.

Mixers: Tailored to Optimize Quality and Increase Throughput

The range of smart Handtmann Inotec twin-shaft paddle, dual-spiral with no central shaft, and ribbon-paddle mixers with independently controlled drives means that your mixing solution can be tailored to meet broad or very specific ranges of product and handling demands.

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