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Our Handtmann Custom Solutions Team are able to respond even more flexibly to your individual needs and special requirements. Our team develops the tailor-made solutions you need for your individual production process. We offer a scope from start-up to fully automated, highly industrial performance production, optionally from product preparation to transfer to the packaging solution.

552 Valve-Free Depositing and Filling

The valve-free FS 552 bakery depositing system is a flexible and reliable high-performance solution for the safe, accurate-to-the-gram dosing of filling products from 5-500g. Configuration are available in 2-24 lanes operating up to 200 cycles/min. A variety of nozzle shapes and sizes are available. No safety guard is required.

442-1 Rotary Dividing

The SE 442-1 Rotary Divider is a workhorse that safely reduces giveaway, virtually eliminates rework and is hygienically designed to make sanitation simple and changeovers fast. The servo-driven Handt- mann Rotary Dough Divider scales a range of dough products in 30 mm to 95 mm diameters with +/-1 % accuracy at up to 200 ppm. It's unique undercut function reliably increases precision to let you adjust cutting speeds for different dough densities.

510 Forming

The Handtmann FS 510 Multi-lane Forming Solution for bars handles inclusions gently and produces dimensionally stable bars in a variety of shapes and sizes with excellent accuracy across all lanes at up to 250 cuts/minute. Quick-change nozzles make customizable shapes easy. Reduced giveaway with precision a servo-controlled wire or blade knife delivers clean high-speed separation for bakers forming bars or cookies onto trays or a conveyor belt.

525 Forming and Dividing

The Handtmann All-In-One Forming & Cutting system delivers gram-accurate rotary cutting and automated 3-D forming in a wide variety of balls, tubes and other shapes with high-cycle times in one small footprint. The simplicity, flexibility and convenience of an easy 3-minute conversion makes the Handtmann FS 525 a perfect solution for processors needing speed and precision for a versatile product portfolios.

Performance Innovation

Ideas for the future embodies a core Handtmann belief that listening is important and that collaboration is required to turn a customer’s idea into a bakery success. The traditional bakery landscape remains even as new items are developing rapidly to align with the ever-changing demand for new, healthier and more convenient choices.

Listening, responding and listening some more results in better products and more tailored solutions with future proof technologies that can grow with you. Our skilled bakery specialists in Waterloo and Germany look forward to exploring the potential value of Handtmann Ideas for the future with you.

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