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Super detection!

Industrial Magnetics Inc. says its new seals and gaskets are easier to detect by magnetic separation equipment

Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI) of Missouri has unveiled its Metal Detectable (MD) and X-Ray Inspectable (XRI) seal and gasket options for its magnetic separation equipment for gravity-fed and pneumatic line conveying applications.

In a statement the company says the “new seal and gasket options protect against elastomeric contamination in the processing line and subsequent product recalls, downtime and waste.”

The company explains that “component parts can degrade over time and due to low conductivity, standard elastomeric material is often missed by even the strongest detection systems.”

IMI offers the Detectomer line of Buna seals and Silicone gaskets, and Ensinger’s Hydex seals, “which all contain a select additive that can be spotted by metal detectors, X-ray systems, optical scanners, as well as captured by magnetic separators,” says the statement.

The seals and gaskets are certified food-grade compliant, and comply with the recommendations set forth in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and HACCP principles.


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