Food In Canada

Clean and disinfected

PURE Bioscience Inc. offers a range of products for food processors that focus on the challenges of pathogen and hygienic control

Quality control expert inspecting at food specimen in the laboratory

PURE Bioscience Inc. offers food safety solutions that can help food manufacturers reduce risks and optimize efficiency.

The newest product to the company’s line up is PURE Control antimicrobial food processing aid. The product is for direct application to poultry and produce during processing to reduce pathogen population.

Other products include PURE Hard Surface disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer, which can eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, including Norovirus, Hepatitis B and C, Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella with kill times as fast as 30 seconds.

There’s also PURE Multi-Purpose and Floor Cleaner, which is an economical concentrate that doesn’t leave a film.




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