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3M unveils an environmental scrub sampler

May 27, 2021   by Food in Canada staff

Food Safety

3M Food Safety introduces the 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler with 10 mL wide-spectrum neutralizer, a solution for environmental microbial sampling applications. Designed for use with downstream detection methods, such as 3M Petrifilm Plates and the 3M Molecular Detection System, this new technology provides the food manufacturing industry a solution for proactive, integrated environmental monitoring and food microbiological testing.

The 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler is an environmental microbial sampling device used to collect samples from surfaces within food processing environments. The product is designed with acrylic scrub dot technology to disrupt biofilm and enhance sample collection. It comes with or without a stick to access hard-to-reach spaces and is hydrated with proprietary 3M wide spectrum neutralizer for neutralization of sanitizers commonly used in the food industry.

“Sample collection is an integral part of all proactive environmental monitoring strategies, so we designed and validated a sampling solution that effectively neutralizes a wide range of sanitizing agents commonly found in the food industry to support our customers’ sampling and testing strategies,” said Elliott Zell, 3M Food Safety global new product marketing manager.



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