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Naturally Splendid to team with Alberta food processing centre

Company hopes to demonstrate efficacy of omega-fortified pet food

September 11, 2014   Food in Canada

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Vancouver, B.C. – Naturally Splendid Enterprises has begun a working relationship with The Alberta Food Processing Development Centre in Leduc to determine the efficacy and nutritional benefits of using the company’s HempOmega product to fortify pet foods.


Vancouver-based Naturally Splendid markets and distributes proprietary plant-based omega products in North America created by Vancouver’s Boreal Technologies. These include HempOmega, H2Omega, FlaxOmega, CanolaOmega and ChiaOmega. The novel products use microencapsulation and liposome technologies, and are available in powder format and an aqueous solution.



According to the company, it will conduct research and product development at the Food Science and Technology Centre in Brooks, Alta.


“The concept of commercializing HempOmega in the pet food sector is very exciting,” says Naturally Splendid CEO Craig Goodwin. “Initially HempOmega was considered for only human consumption but the development of omega-enriched pet food is a natural extension of this growing market segment. Longer term potential exists for the inclusion of HempOmega in aquaculture, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.”


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