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Arla Foods Ingredients leads the way for quality and safety in food from by-products

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Arla Foods Ingredients is revealing details of their quality and food safety processes, which is a part of an initiative to demonstrate the standards behind their whey protein solutions.

Whey is a by-product of cheese manufacture, ensuring the quality demanded by consumers and regulators is complex. Arla Foods Ingredients serves customers in medical and infant nutrition.

“To meet the high standards our customers rightly expect, Arla Foods Ingredients has adopted a proactive, company-wide quality mindset. Through our new campaign, we aim to demonstrate how seriously we take our duty of care to customers and end consumers alike,” said Yvette Kaster, director for global quality, environmental health and safety at Arla Foods Ingredients.

Arla Foods Ingredients long-term strategy highlighted the measures it takes to fulfil food safety; some examples are:

  • Rigorous quality control: Numerous farm-to-factory quality checks are carried out before whey arrives at the company’s production plants, and there are more checks before it leaves as a finished product.  Overall, there can be as many as 280 checks
  • Cold Processing: Strict upstream controls allow the company to use a cold processing technique. This preserves the nutritional and functional qualities of protein in a way that is not possible with ultra-high heat treatment processes
  • Industry-leading farm assurance programs: The company only sources whey from trusted suppliers and has farm assurance programs in place for all of them. These ensure the ethical treatment of cows, as well as the quality of milk
  • Proactive quality and food safety culture: The importance of quality and food safety is instilled in employees through intensive on-the-job training. The company is also recruiting a growing number of staff with backgrounds in pharma and biotech to add to its existing expertise and further improve its quality and food safety procedures

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