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Manitoba launches food safety program

The province of Manitoba launches a food safety initiative that covers the food industry from farm to fork, providing each player along the food chain with funding to improve food safety

Winnipeg – The province of Manitoba has launched a new food safety initiative called Growing Assurance – Food Safety.

The initiative contains two streams to address food safety: on the farm, and in processing and distribution.

The on-farm stream will provide financial assistance to agricultural producers so they can adopt assurance systems and best management practices related to food safety issues like:

• storage and sanitation
• biosecurity
• plant and animal health
• traceability
• animal welfare.

The initiative will also support surveillance and emergency preparedness systems.

The processing and distribution stream will provide financial assistance to food processors, distributors, transporters and direct contact packaging manufacturers.

The goal, says the province, is to help them implement food safety systems and best practices that reduce risk factors throughout the industry.

“It is essential that food safety practices be part of every step of the food chain,” said Ron Kostyshyn, minister of Agriculture.

“Building food safety procedures into production and processing will benefit producers by improving marketplace recognition for high standards at the local, national and international levels.”

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