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Frutarom offers all-in-one solution to acrylamide, oxidation reduction

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Frutarom Food Protection Solutions offers an all-natural, high-antioxidant solution for reducing acrylamides in heat-processed foods, decreasing oxidation and extending shelf life.

High-heat cooking can impart potentially carcinogenic acrylamides at levels that can exceed 1,000 ppb. As of April 11, 2018 new European Union legislation set new “benchmark” levels for the amount of acrylamide in foods for various products.

Frutarom conducted tests on fried potatoes and other snacks applying its all-natural INOLENS 4 and SyneROX HT formulations. The level of acrylamide was decreased by 60 per cent in the snacks, and more than 90 per cent in the fried potatoes.

The two formulations also significantly improved oxidative stability of snacks and fried potatoes, as indicated by hexanal levels. Moreover, these formulations extended frying oil shelf life.


“Using these natural formulations in baking, frying applications and other high-heat applications is an ‘all-in-one’ solution that reduces acrylamides while significantly slowing oxidation and rancidity of oils and fats and extending shelf-life,” said Ohad Cohen, general manager for Frutarom Food Protection Solutions in a release. “They are a preferred choice for ensuring compliance with the new regulations for acrylamide reduction. INOLENS and SyneROX have no impact on flavour, texture, or appearance.”

SyneROX and INOLENS are customized blends of rosemary oil and/or water-soluble extracts in powder and liquid forms, designed to enhance food quality.

Canadian food processors can find Frutarom Food Protection solutions at BSA (, now part of Frutarom group.

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