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Federal government gives aquaculture a boost

Canada's federal government is investing $2.48 million in the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance to help promote and grow Canada's farmed fish

Ottawa – The federal government is supporting Canada’s aquaculture industry with an investment of $2.48 million.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) says in a statement that the country’s aquaculture farmers are key contributors to the economy, especially in smaller coastal and rural communities.

The investment will support the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) as it works to increase awareness and demand for Canadian farmed fish and seafood in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Timothy Kennedy, CAIA’s executive director, says in the statement that the industry’s goal is to develop the sector and deliver “uniquely responsible, healthy and nutritious seafood that is in high demand from consumers around the world. This program continues to help our industry to establish new and long-term global demand for Canadian farmed seafood products like salmon, mussels, oysters and more. This investment in the market development of our sector will deliver jobs, growth and opportunity for rural and coastal communities across Canada.”

CAIA represents Canada’s seafood farmers from coast to coast to coast, including finfish, shellfish and aquatic plant farmers, feed companies and suppliers. CAIA’s mission is to promote the quality and sustainability of farmed seafood to domestic and international markets.

AAFC adds that aquaculture is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In Canada, fish and seafood exports were valued at $1 billion in 2016, which goes toward the government’s goal of reaching $75 billion in annual agri-food exports by 2025, creating more jobs for Canadians in the process.


Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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14 Comments » for Federal government gives aquaculture a boost
  1. Jack Cooley says:

    I hope this does not mean more open net fish farms. These type of fish farms are severely harming BC’s wild salmon populations. Closed containment is fine.

  2. Eddie says:

    How much of that support to towards land-based aquaculture? Will some of this go to the Namgis First Nation that has a land-based Atlantic salmon farm?

  3. Erich says:

    Get rid of these disease breeding, parasite ridden, virus laden, wild salmon smolt killing farms. Buy them some closed containment systems with our money. Better yet, quit giving these foreign corporations our taxpayer dollars altogether.

  4. Shelly says:

    These fish farms are not saving rural Nova Scotia! They are polluting our harbours and bays with massive mounds of feces, the fish are sick and are often slaughtered due to disease, the cages smash and release salmon into our waters, they are infested with sealice and have to be treated with pesticides that are released into the ocean, they were deemed not fit to eat by Seawatch…In 2013 and 2014 Kelly Cove Salmon owned by Cooke Aquaculture received $44 million in compensation from the government because they had to slaughter sick fish. In 2013 they were charge for releasing an illegal pesticide that killed lobster. Escaped fish are mating with wild salmon in Newfoundland and are killing off the wild salmon. On the west coast the farms are in waterways where wild salmon migrate and they are getting diseases that affect their heart and muscles. And our government wants to invest more of our tax dollars in this industry. Government is INDUSTRY.

  5. Ken Kristian says:

    When are Canadians finally going to say enough is enough and kick DFO off their throne.

    Over the last 50 years British Columbia’s wild salmon and steelhead stocks have been sliding downhill and now teeter precariously on the brink of extinction.

    DFO has not only failed to live up to its mandate of protecting, conserving and enhancing British Columbia’s wild salmon and steelhead stocks, they have failed the citizens of British Columbia time, after time, after time.

    While DFO has cut the funding to the bone for wild salmon and their vitally important habitat, they are now poised to dole out millions of taxpayer dollars to fish farms that are scientifically proven to be destroying wild salmon stocks and the people that depend on them for sustenance and livelihoods.

    The time has come for British Columbians to manage their own fish stocks so generations yet to come will be able to enjoy and benefit from sustainable salmon and steelhead runs in the future.

  6. Rob Borden says:

    It depends on what they intend to spend the money on. There are a lot of aquaculture projects that are doing well and not harming the environment. BUT BC FISH FARMS must NOT be given any incentives other than placing them on land. The floating fish farms on the BC coast must go, all of them, now! They are destroying the environnent , our wild salmon, and the other ocean creatures dependent on this food source.

  7. DC Reid says:

    The Liberals are well on the way toward losing BC for a generation. Add fish farms and Kinder Morgan together and you have the same conditions that caused Alberta to hate the name Trudeau, and still does.

    And I would agree that it is finally the case where Pacific salmon are on the edge of being wiped out. Three examples: Broughton Archipelago/Kingcome Inlet, Clayoquot Sound and Fraser River. Alaska that forbids fish farms brought in a huge salmon catch of 243 million, while in BC the commercial catch was basically non-existent.

  8. Ray Mason says:

    The open pen fish farms in BC is one of the most dirtiest industries in Canada. These farms pour diseases and pesticide into our ocean which is killing our wild stocks and affecting every living thing in the oceans. The fish farms have to get out of the oceans and on to land.

    Other industries like the clam and oysters are fine.

  9. Cat Thunder says:

    Now a massive lawsuit coming

  10. H McKenzie says:

    Aquaculture includes clams, oysters, mussels, gooey ducks, scallops and many other species , it is not just salmon . This is great news for aquaculture farmers.

  11. Leslie Anthony says:

    I can’t frickin’ believe this. Do the Feds have any idea at all how toxic these farms are, how they are destroying native salmon stocks? How can they be so blind? It really feels like they are trying to destroy B.C.

  12. Gord O'kell says:

    Federal Liberals give more corporate welfare to fish farms .They create nothing but misery and destruction for the wild salmon and all that depend on wild salmon .Libs & Cons they have to be voted out in 2019 both party’s out before Canada and the Wild salmon are exrincf

  13. Scott Fennell says:

    Well, your NOT going to continue to do this at the expense of British Columbia’s wild coast. Your salmon farms are thru. Find another way.

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