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Hershey acquires Allan Candy Company

Hershey’s now operates three confectionery facilities in Canada

Hershey, Pa. – The Hershey Company has announced that it has completed the $28-million acquisition of Mississauga, Ont.-based The Allan Candy Company. Hershey originally announced it had signed a purchase agreement with the company in September.


With the acquisition of Allan Candy’s 170,000-sq.-ft. processing facility in Granby, Que., Hershey now operates three confectionery manufacturing plants in Canada, with more than 900 employees across the country.


“The addition of Allan Candy’s high-quality manufacturing capabilities and confectionery portfolio greatly enhances our North American business,” says Steven Schiller, senior vice-president, Global Sweets & Refreshment for Hershey. “Allan has been a long-standing sweets manufacturing partner that will strengthen our sales and profit performance.”


Allen Candy is a leader in the Easter novelty chocolate sector and the candy cane market in Canada. More than half of the company’s current manufacturing capacity currently goes toward the production of Hershey Sweets & Refreshment products, including its Jolly Rancher brand of hard candy.

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11 Comments » for Hershey acquires Allan Candy Company
  1. By Canadian Supporter says:

    Let’s hope Hershey does not close the Canadian plants and move them to Mexico like they did with the plant in Smiths Falls , Ontario. I have not bought a Hershey / Reeces Peanut Butter Cup since I saw the “Made in Mexico” sign on the wrapper.

  2. Matti hukari says:

    I was the credit manager for Allan Candy for close to twenty yrs. tremendous growth until Cadbury bought
    Allan Candy they did their rationalization slowly destroyed the company now Hershey will do the same thing sad so sad. Now it is just a shell of a company from its former self.

  3. marilyn wall says:

    They have already cut production of the famous cinnamon fish candies. That’s not fair!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    I am glad that you acquired Allens but this year my Christmas was not the same because where I live I could not buy any Allen’s candy canes, I have been buying them for years and refused to buy any others that where offered at the stores where I usually get Allens. I would like to know if your going to be making them, because I can’t go another year without candy canes at Christmas and my kids won’t let it happen either as I have 4 boys.

  5. Katrina Kaminski says:

    Now they’ve discontinued Misty Mints.. hating Hersheys!

  6. Clif says:

    Where can I buy those delicious Allen chocolate eastern bunnies? They’re the best

  7. Terry Baggs says:

    What ever happened to the Mr.Nutty Chocolate bunnies. For years I enjoyed the bunnies but like everything else you cannot purchase the chocolate bunnies anywhere. Just want to know the reason why.

  8. Cheryl sansom says:

    Allens Easter bunnies were the best. You could get the rice crisp ones or nut. Mmmm they were all delicious. How does it make sense to stop producing a company’s best seller. It doesn’t. I used to love Hersey but boy you guys dropped the ball on this one!! 😡

  9. Mike mullin says:

    What’s the difference between Allan peach slices and Maynard’s fuzzy peach? Are the Maynard’s an imposter? Allan peaches were everywhere now they are hard to find – it’s always Maynard’s. I love Allan!

  10. Matt says:

    A company called Karma Candy, they produce all the mentioned sku’s, with the exception of nut products.

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