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Suppliers such as Galactic and Sensient offer processors innovative and healthy solutions

Milwaukee, Wis. – Galactic offers products for meat and bakery processors.

ProDough Adagio is for bakery manufacturers who are looking to replace SAPPs (Sodium Acid Pyro-Phosphates) with a more natural and healthy solution.

ProDough Adagio has no off-taste and is compatible with other baking ingredients.

The ingredient reacts with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to release carbon dioxide enabling dough to rise. It can also be used instead of leavening agents in frozen dough applications. It also works when the dough is stored.


ProDough Adagio’s other features include a mild taste, it’s palm-oil free, has an antimicrobial effect and reduces sodium content.

For meat processors, the company offers ProMeat Adagio, which is a natural fermented lactic acid in powder form. It can mimic the traditional fermentation process by slowly acidifying meat with lactic acid. It can also improve taste and shelf-life.

ProMeat Adagio does not contain any carrier or coating (palm-oil free) and allows for organic certification.

It can also slowly lower pH and can inhibit microbial development.

Kingston, Ont. – Sensient Colors has developed microfine natural colours.

The company says the colours are an innovative technological solution that expands shade-range and application options for natural colours in a dry state.

The microfine colours offer a unique solution for topical seasonsing and applications where natural colour in a dry state is critical, such as processed foods, dry-mixed beverages, confection, baking and other powdered food applications.

The company says the colours coat powders by virtue of small particle size and can create visual appeal.

The colours provide expanded shade-range and application options, produce clean flavours, deliver plating characteristics and enable custom blends.

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