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Standard-Knapp’s new film feed module for its Continuum line incorporates a direct drive that can ensure efficient operation and durability

Portland, Conn. – Standard-Knapp, a manufacturer of innovative packaging machinery, has introduced a new film feed module for its Continuum line of film wrappers and tray/shrink systems.

The company says it’s ideal for applications in the food and beverage industries, and that the film feed module incorporates a direct drive to ensure efficient operation and lasting durability.

Engineered with high-speed servos, Standard-Knapp says its new film feed module consistently feeds, cuts, and delivers clear or printed film to the wrapper wand.

The film module also incorporates unique features to handle static-charged film with ease, minimizing machine maintenance and line downtime.

The film module’s innovative knife and cutting action deliver precise cuts on thin- or thick-gauge film and contribute to the machine’s long life.

Providing easy access to all components, the film feed module’s open design and light-weight construction allow for simple and quick removal.

The film feed module is now standard on Standard-Knapp’s Continuum, resulting in a robust, integrated tray/shrink system.  With operating speeds of up to 100 trays per minute, the Continuum handles the greatest array of containers and package sizes in the food and beverage industries.

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