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IFT09 Preview!

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The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is holding its Annual Meeting + Food Expo in Anaheim, Calif. from June 6 to 9. The 2010 IFT Food Expo takes place from July 17 to 21 in Chicago, Ill. Following is a sample of products and services that exhibitors will be highlighting at this year’s show.

• Bell Flavors & Fragrances has a theme for this year’s show: Extenders & Replacers. Extenders and replacers are flavours that offer price savings for ingredients that have become more difficult to source. Their extenders and replacers work well in replacing ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, olive oil, and extend other ingredients so manufacturers don’t have to use as much tomato paste, cocoa and vanilla, for example.

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• Brenntag North America distributes functional food ingredients. The company offers a vast array of products and services such as acidulants, amino acids, anticaking agents, antifoaming agents, antimicrobial agents, antioxidants, bakery additives, botanicals, bulking agents, carob, casein, chelating agents, coatings, colours, fats, oils, herbs, gelatin, gums, flavours, extracts, enzymes, emulsifiers, dairy ingredients, and dietary fibre and prebiotics.

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• Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co. Inc. supplies high-quality flavours. It also offers ingredients and additives for bakery, beverage bases and mixes, colours, confectionery ingredients, extracts, fat/oil replacers, flavour bases, flavours for masking, savoury flavours, cocoa, coatings, nutrients, soy products, vanilla and vitamins to name a few.

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• CEM Corporation provides innovative, award-winning laboratory instrumentation for compositional testing and sample preparation. The company will showcase its offerings, which include protein, fat and moisture analyzers, muffle furnaces and sample preparation systems. The company will also showcase its nitrogen analyzers.

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• Ecolab Inc. provides sanitation products and systems and can help implement solutions that help customers produce safer products, improve operational efficiency and enhance environmental stewardship through best-in-class sustainability programs. The company will highlight its complete line of hard surface and continuous belt treatment sanitizers, antimicrobial direct food treatments for meat, poultry, RTE and fruit/vegetable products, ATP-based surface sanitation verification systems, personnel hygiene program and pest elimination services. 

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• Edlong Dairy Flavors offers cheese, butter, milk and cream, cultured, sweet dairy and functional dairy flavours in a variety of profiles, forms and solubilities that excel in a range of applications.

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• Grain Processing Corporation will showcase its GPC Maltrin maltodextrins and corn syrup solids; Maltrin QD (quick dispersing); and Maltrin OR organic rice maltodextrins and rice syrup solids, which are USDA and QAI certified organic. The company will also highlight its lines of specialty starches, including Inscosity cold water-swelling starches; Pure-Cote film-forming starches; Pure-Gel stabilized starches; Pure-Set thin-boiling starches; and Pure-Dent specialty starches. Its TruBran corn bran contains a minimum 75 per cent fibre.

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• GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International Inc., will highlight several ingredient solutions, including: NutraFlora, a short chain fructooligosaccharides prebiotic fibre that provides benefits to support bone, digestive and immune health; Purimune, a high purity galactooligosaccharide that reinforces immune systems function; Aquamin, a natural calcified mineral source that supports bone health; Nu-Mega, an omega-3 DHA important for cognitive and heart health and visual acuity; BioAgave, an inulin fibre that offers benefits for digestive health; and OatVantage, an oat bran concentrate that supports heart and glycemic health.

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• International Dehydrated Foods Inc. develops, processes and distributes natural meat and poultry-based food ingredients. The company will highlight its spray-dried meat and poultry powders, fat powders, broth powders, powdered combinations of chicken broth and fat, 32 % frozen chicken broth and shelf stable chicken fat.

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• Lallemand Inc., Bio-Ingredients will highlight its dry inactive/nutritional yeast, Engivita and Yeast Extracts. Yeast Extracts can be used in clean-label applications for general savoury flavour boosting and are often used in low-sodium applications or when HVPs and MSG are not permitted. Dry inactive/nutritional yeast can be used to promote nutrition and flavours in seasonings and snack products or prepared meals. They are a source of B complex vitamins, and a good source of non-animal protein and dietary fibre.

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• Naturex will showcase its natural ingredients, extracts with preservative properties, natural colours (such as paprika, turmeric, spinach), oleoresins and essential oils, water-soluble flavouring extracts and natural chemicals. Naturex offers these products as pure extracts or in formulated versions.

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• PL Thomas & Co. Inc. will highlight new blends targeted for specific functional applications. Its Vitiva rosemary extracts are a natural antioxidant and kosher; Tomat-O-Red is a natural red colour from LycoRed that offers the advantages of a safe, vegetarian alternative; GanedenBC30 probiotic has a long shelf life, low use level and does not need to be refrigerated; and Kaneka Q10 – Self-Affirmed GRAS Coenzyme Q10 is also a potent antioxidant with numerous health benefits. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful, fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance found naturally in the body’s organs.

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• Purac America Inc. will highlight its ingredients that offer several functions, such as natural preservation, food safety, mineral fortification and flavour enhancement.

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• RQA Inc. provides customized product development, quality assurance and crisis management services. They assess product quality at retail; perform consumer complaint and product retrieval; conduct quality management system, food safety and food defense audits; and provide product recall and risk assessment services. Global audit capabilities provide comprehensive assessments with in-country experts.

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• Sargento Foods Inc. offers innovation and leadership in cheese-based products and custom cheese ingredients. The company has three business divisions that deliver value-added products, formulation and packaging solutions to all industry segments: Consumer Products, Food Service, and Food Ingredients. Its Food Ingredients division is the leader in portion-control cheeses and cheese sauces.

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• Silliker Inc. offers a leading international network of accredited food testing and consulting laboratories and provides support to food manufacturers, restaurants and retailers to help assure product safety and nutrition. Silliker can help companies assess product safety, assure quality, guard against contamination and spoilage, verify products and processes, keep costs under control and empower employees through education programs.

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• Skjodt-Barrett Foods Inc. creates, formulates and manufactures custom products. The company will highlight its caramel, fruit fillings, sauces, marinades, icings, glazes, savoury fillings and bar fillings. It also offers high protein, high fibre, low sodium, water activity, pH and no sugar added. The company can match an existing product, create something new or take a kitchen recipe and industrialize it.

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• Univar USA will introduce Look Closer, a new tool that offers more layers of technical literature and formulations from 12 of the leading global food ingredient suppliers. The company will also showcase two two new healthy enhancement products: California Dreaming Bars and Rockin’ Red Tea. The bars are apple cinnamon, chewy snack bars and feature Dow Food and Nutrition’s Fortefiber HB, which helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels and reduces blood cholesterol levels; CP Kelco’s Simplesse, which adds an indulgent texture without fat; and a sweet crunch with Kerry Accel 400 and Crisp Rice 500. The tea is a sugar-free, calorie-free drink with natural pomegranate flavour. It’s fortified with magnesium, fibre, calcium and vitamin C with Keltrol 630 for a light mouthfeel.

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