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Value-added seafood

April 15, 2015  
Food in Canada

Clearwater Seafoods has launched four new scallop and shrimp products as part of its value-added portfolio: Scallop Selects, Bacon CLEARWATER SEAFOODS INCORPORATED - Scallop SelectsWrapped Scallop Selects, Shrimp with Scallops & Sauce, and Shrimp & Sauce. The Scallops Select line is made with natural and wild-caught Patagonian scallops that have been made into larger uniform medallions, and then individually quick-frozen for freshness, making them a versatile and affordable dinner option. The Scallops & Sauce line features wild-caught coldwater shrimp and bite-size Argentine scallops coated in either gluten-free garlic cream, tomato cream or zesty marinara sauces. Either line offers a gourmet meal prepared in just minutes.


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