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Activia Pure

February 15, 2018  
Food in Canada

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DanoneWave in Canada launched the new Activia Pure, a plain yogurt made with 100% all-natural ingredients. The yogurt also contains the benefits of Activia’s exclusive B.L. Regularis probiotic culture.

The company describes Activia Pure has being made with only the simple ingredients: skim milk, cream, skim milk powder, active probiotic culture B.L. Regularis and active bacterial cultures.

Activia Pure has no added sugar, and offers a smooth, delicate flavour.

Or for consumers who have a sweet tooth, there’s Activia Pure in a Plain Sweetened flavour with the addition of 100% natural cane sugar and lemon juice.

Activia Pure Plain and Plain Unsweetened flavours are available at major grocery and big-box retailers across Canada.

Both flavours are available in either packs of eight 100-gram individual containers (with a suggested retail price of $5.59) or in a large-format 650-g container (with a suggested retail price of $4.19).


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