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Interflon intros food-grade lubricants with advanced European technology

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Interflon USA, Inc. has announced that Food Lube with MicPol—a food-grade lubricant spray—is now available for use in the food and beverage production industries. Established in Holland in 1980, Interflon products are relatively new in North America.

MicPol represents a step forward in lubrication technology. Solid lubricant particles are micronized for superior creeping and penetration, and polarized to provide a negative charge. This charge allows the lubricant to bond with surfaces magnetically, offering a far longer-lasting bond than is possible with lubricants that rely on viscosity alone.

Food Lube dries to a solid film that offers the lowest possible friction, repels water, and refuses adhesion of dirt, feathers, or other contaminants. It is dielectric, so it can be used to protect electrical circuitry. It is designed to stay on under high-pressure water spray and harsh chemical sanitation processes. Available in aerosol or bulk liquid format, Food Lube is certified NSF H1, Kosher, and Halal.

Interflon also manufactures Fin Super with MicPol, a lubricant with all the same properties, for processes that do not require a food-safe lubricant.


Interflon offers case studies about Food Lube’s performance on its website. For more information, visit

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