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FCPC welcomes a modern food guide for Canadians: processed food has a place in a healthy diet

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MISSISSAUGA, Ont.—Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), the largest trade association representing food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturers in Canada agrees that the Canada Food Guide (CFG) had not kept up with the country’s changing demographics and lifestyles and was in need of modernization.  As the Honourable Minster of Health Petitpas Taylor mentioned, healthy eating is more than just the foods you eat—eating should be a pleasure, which is nothing new to the food industry.
We recognize the serious public health issues facing Canadians and the important role industry must play. FCPC and its members are committed to supporting Canadians in their health and wellness goals. We support providing consumers with information to educate them about healthy eating so that they make informed food decisions that suit their lifestyles. Our member companies continue to invest in product development and reformulation to enhance the nutrition profile and increase the choices available to consumers.
“Canadians should be limiting their intake of nutrients of concern, such as sodium, sugar and saturated fats,” said Michi Furuya Chang, registered dietitian and FCPC senior vice-president, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs. “However, categorizing food as ‘highly processed’ unfairly vilifies food that can be part of a healthy diet and that many Canadians rely upon as a convenient, affordable, safe and nutritious option.”
Food processing has an important place within Canada’s food system and will continue to supply safe, convenient and non-perishable foods. No stakeholder group has a greater role and impact on food environments than those within the food supply chain. There were missed opportunities for industry to provide valuable contributions such as, sharing consumer insights, using labelling as a tool for disseminating relevant nutrition information and ensuring CFG communications and educational messages resonate with Canadians.
“The reality is that people are time starved,” said FCPC chief executive officer Michael Graydon. “People are looking for tasty, convenient, affordable and nutritious products to feed their families and our members will continue to respond to consumer needs.”
The launch (on January 22, 2019) of the revised Canada Food Guide is a key element of Health Canada‘s Healthy Eating Strategy, announced in October 2016. FCPC and its member companies have consistently supported the goals of the Healthy Eating Strategy, to improve the health and wellness of Canadians.
Food processing is the largest employer in the manufacturing sector in Canada, providing Canadians with high-quality jobs in over 6,000 manufacturing facilities.  Canada’s food manufacturers employ more than the automotive and aerospace sectors combined, directly employing nearly 300,000 Canadians from coast to coast, contributing nearly $29 billion annually to the country’s economy and providing safe, high-quality products that are found in virtually every single home in Canada. Our membership is truly national, providing value-added jobs to urban and rural Canadians in most federal ridings in every region of the country.
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