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Cortec’s 329 D ES in easy spray formula offers long-term corrosion protection

January 30, 2019   by Food in Canada staff

Facilities Maintenance

Processing of metal on a grinding machine with sparks, at an industrial plant.

VpCI-329 D ES from Cortec Corporation is a ready-to-use spray providing strong rust prevention for metals in indoor and outdoor sheltered conditions. The product can be easily applied/sprayed from a handheld trigger spray bottle.

It offers a convenient way to protect gears, spindles, coils, or any other metal parts that require a light coat of oil for further processing and shipment. VpCI-329 D ES contains innovative Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) technology and its carrier is a combination of bio-based oil and mineral spirit. By spraying VpCI 329 D ES, the corrosion is attacked on two fronts. Its oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors first create a tenacious film that clings to metal surfaces, providing excellent contact corrosion protection.

VpCI’s release into the air and attach electrochemically to the metal surface. The coating provides universal corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals and performs effectively even under the adverse conditions of 100 per cent relative humidity as well as the presence of corrosive species such as chlorides, hydrogen sulfide, or other sulfur compounds. The product does not contain any hazardous chromates, nitrites, or phosphate inhibitors. It is thermally stable, providing long-lasting contact and vapour phase corrosion protection for a wider variety of applications.

Merger is a leading world manufacturer of power transmission gears. Its teams have been working to bring power transmission solutions to manufacturing companies for more than 70 years. The sensitivity of their reduction gears requires them to be protected against corrosion during shipment, storage and in between manufacturing processes.

Because of this Merger relied on Cortec’s expertise and highly advanced corrosion protection solutions. VpCI-329 was used at a low concentration to protect the internal areas of speed reducers and gears. The product was poured into the bottom of the gear case lubricant reservoir at only 0.3 per cent of total volume. The oil-based solution provided double action against corrosion. VpCI-329 works in the contact phase for protection of immersed metal surfaces, while vapour phase action allows the inhibitors to migrate effectively to non-immersed and remote areas where they adsorb and form a protective layer. For exterior protection, external surfaces were sprayed with Cortec’s CorShield VpCI-369, a temporary coating that leaves a moisture-displacing protective film, providing superior protection against aggressive environments.

Packed rolls of steel sheet, cold-rolled steel coils, protected by Cortec’s VpCI-329 spray formula corrosion protection.

VpCI-329 will protect against corrosion for up to four years. Merger sales manager Stephane Morel said the company now uses VpCI-329 on all their strategic speed reducers designed for lifting in the manufacturing sector. The efficiency of using VpCI-329 at low concentration has resulted in cost savings and increased shipping safety. There is no more need to fill the entire case with lubricating oils, and the company has even been able to save on freight that is no longer considered hazardous.

Cortec Corporation is a global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI and MCI corrosion control technologies for packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, water treatment, oil & gas, and other industries. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cortec manufactures over 400 products distributed worldwide, and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 17025 certified. Company information available at, and via 1-800-426-7832.


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