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Beefxide, Porkxide and Lambxide from Birko are antimicrobial interventions that can be sprayed on to reduce bacteria

Henderson, Colo. – Beefxide, Porkxide and Lambxide from Birko are antimicrobial interventions that can be used as a spray on all carcasses, primals, subprimals, cuts, trim and offal products, as well as unskinned livers.

In the spring, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved the antimicrobial interventions for use as a non-food chemical in food processing facilities.

The interventions are formulated from U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved ingredients and all components of the formulas are general recognized as safe (GRAS).

The products are also suitable for use on products to be labelled as natural or organic.


The company says that a study conducted in conjunction with a U.S. processor and Utah State University demonstrated that Beefxide was highly effective as an antimicrobial on ground beef produced from treated trim and did not negatively affect color or flavor.

After 10 days in storage, consumer panel evaluation showed that flavour and overall acceptability was higher for Beefxide-treated ground beef patties.

The interventions other features include:
• Providing economical intervention against E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria
• Reducing gram negative pathogens by up to 2.4 log (99.6%)
• Providing Broad spectrum reductions in both enteric and aerobic bbacteria
• Beefxide applied to beef trim before grinding reduced bacterial load without affecting colour or flavour
• Beef trim treated with Beefxide pre-grind resulted in ground beef loaves that were more natural in colour and less brown than untreated controls
• Non-corrosive to tanks and equipment

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