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Nova Scotia introduces quota lease program for new egg farmers

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Maritime egg producers to boost supply of free-range and organic eggs

Truro, N.S. – Nova Scotia Egg Producers (NSEP) is introducing a program that will award new egg farmers a no-cost quota lease for up to 500 laying hens, providing they will be raised in alternative housing systems such as free run, free range or certified organic.

NSEP regulates egg production in Nova Scotia. The new entrant program will add up to 2,000 laying hens to the province’s supply management system, thereby allowing it to meet consumer demand for locally produced specialty eggs.

The organization will hold a lottery for eligible farmers to receive the leased quota of up to 500 hens per farm. As well as complying with housing requirements, participating egg producers must meet NSEP food safety and animal care programs.

NSEP is also increasing the number of laying hens that small-scale, diversified farmers can have without a quota. By increasing the number from 100 to 200, family farms will be able to increase revenues and take advantage of current market opportunities.


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