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Upgraded kits help cleanup of bio spills in food establishments

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Norfolk, Va., a leading developer of customizable Food Safety Spill Kits, has developed two upgraded kits for foodservice establishments to assist with cleanup after someone vomits.

The FDA Model Food Code states that food establishments that serve or sell food, even packaged food, shall have written procedures for employees to follow when responding to a body fluid incident to reduce the risk of norovirus and other pathogens contaminating surfaces.


These new kits will improve a facility’s ability to comply, the company says in a release.

Its single-use Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kit, allows foodservice establishments to comply with state and local food codes while also achieving corporate sustainability goals.

The Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kit is 83 per cent decomposable and designed to be completely disposable. The kits also contain a specially engineered set of coated, long-handled cardboard scrapers, mop heads, and a closable waste pan sturdy enough to safely collect solidified and sanitized body fluids.

Most recently, the company enhanced its Premium Food Safety Spill Kit. The refillable double-packed kit now stands alone as the first in quality and effectiveness in a universe of largely similar kits available today.

The ready-to-use, food-contact-safe, OSHA-compliant Premium Food Safety Spill Kit contains two complete single-use kits for two separate body fluid spill events and ensures all biohazard cleanup materials can be accessed at once when needed. has added a set of proprietary tools designed to make cleanup faster and keep first responders safer. Each single-use kit contains a bilingual training guide, personal protective equipment for employees, and disposal supplies for the safe removal of fluids.

Each type of Body Fluid Spill Kit features PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer, a proven best-in-class surface sanitizer. The single-use bottle of PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer, which holds the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) certification, to disinfect spills and surfaces. selected this product because of its proven efficacy, including its ability to offer 30-second kill times for foodborne pathogens like norovirus and salmonella as well as influenza.

“Incomplete or ineffective cleanup of a body fluid spill can have serious consequences for the operation and the brand,” said Owen Griffin, vice president of business development for “We are always putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers and asking how we can improve our kits to accelerate cleanup times and keep employees a safe distance from spills.

We had to innovate and create our own tools because we weren’t satisfied with standard spill-kit industry offerings.” is a Northfield Medical Manufacturing company, a leading supplier of the solidifiers used in spill kits, hospitals, and surgery centers around the world.


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