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Faster, cheaper deliveries through cloud computing

By Eric Richard   

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Online software can improve the efficiencies of inbound deliveries

Companies have traditionally used the phone or email to coordinate their inbound deliveries, but some businesses are now turning to software programs that automate the process for them.

Users access the applications like they would any other web service, such as online banking. Most dock-scheduling applications don’t require internal IT support—service providers manage the programs off-site.

The programs allow carriers and drivers to set their own delivery schedules, reducing or even eliminating phone calls with dispatchers.

Automated e-mail and text message reminders are sent before.


Systems can also come with record-keeping and reporting features.

All delivery and carrier information is contained in one database, which can cut back on spreadsheets and other paper work.

Eric Richard is the senior technology writer at Appointment-Plus, an online scheduling software service.

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